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We welcome all visitors and future athletes to our site. Duna Swim is a swimming and waterpolo school that wants to make sports an integral part of children's lives, thus guiding them towards a healthy lifestyle. Our goal is to give the children every opportunity to ensure sufficient water safety, and later to educate the next generation and train competitors, especially in the sports of swimming water polo and synchronized swimming. Hungary performs exceptionally well in the field of water sports and our association represents this high standard and passes on its knowledge to the young up-and-coming generation. In addition to youth, we also help adults to ensure water safety or prepare them for a sea or wild water vacation, and in addition to this, we also provide training opportunities on a daily basis. We look forward to hearing from you all. Come and be part of an up-and-coming professional team !

In our swimming school, professional coaches work on the best sports methods, but children receive loads in accordance with their capabilities. We also train children for professional sports, we have individual lessons

DunaSwim swimiing and waterpolo school