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Duna Swim is a swimming and waterpolo school that wants to make sports an integral part of children's lives, thus guiding them towards a healthy lifestyle.

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Hajós Alfréd

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Personal training

When your child needs personal training

❤ Your child at this stage is not suitable for the set of exercises and games that we give in the group:

For example, a child only wants to jump into the water (which happens very often with children from 2-4 years old, and during class we devote only 10-15 minutes to this. In an individual session, we will work out and deepen this skill, developing interest in other exercises. 

The child is not comfortable in the group (for example, a child is wary of a large number of people and cannot relax in water from this).

A child is interested in water only when toys are involved in the exercise (especially observed in children from 1 to 3 years old). In a group session, we only use them by 20%.

The whole group has gone ahead in development (this applies to children from 4 years old), and you are new (and the child is afraid of water or diving). Then in 2-3 individual classes you can catch up with the group.

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