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5 reasons to start swimming for your child - tips for parents

Parents often ask the question, when is it better for a child to go to the pool? The answer is actually simple - when the child is ready, when you yourself want and will be ready, when you find the right pool.

There are no particular restrictions. There is only your solution. We recommend starting swimming before the age of 4-5


Why should we start swimming in the pool before the age of 5? There are at least 5 reasons for this. Next, let's take a closer look at each reason, based on: your own parental experience, observations of children in classes and professional knowledge.

  1. Swimming develops muscle.


In the period from birth to 2 years, the child grows by about 20 cm. From 3 to 7 years, the pace slows down, but the child still adds about 4 cm in height. Imagine how much effort the body spends, quickly adjusting to changes in the body!


Muscles need to maintain an increasing weight. Muscles receive new signals from the brain to coordinate limbs - new neural connections are being built. After all, the child has new goals for movement. Not only to get up and go, as it was at 1-1.5 years old, but to crawl under the bed, playing hide and seek, make efforts so that the bike goes, etc. Muscles need strength to maintain this rate of growth and development of movement.


Swimming for a child under 5 years of age contributes to the significant development of muscle. Most skeletal muscles are active. The load on individual muscle groups is distributed evenly, and favorable conditions are created for their work. And if the muscles are strong, then the body will not suffer from sitting at the desk during school years. This is the next point.


  1. Swimming and even posture.


When child comes to school, his physical activity decreases sharply. He sits for a long time. And if he did not swim until that moment, then problems with posture may begin. From posture there may be problems with vision, the health of internal organs and the general state of health. Swimming under 7 helps to avoid the consequences of sitting at your desk the wrong way.


How does swimming help a schoolboy's posture? During swimming, the static load on the spine decreases, the imbalance of the back muscles is leveled, leading to curvatures of the spine. At the same time, active movement of the legs in the water in an unsupported position strengthens the feet and prevents the development of flat feet.


It is important to strengthen the muscle corset before school. And then to maintain tone throughout life


  1. Swimming strengthens the immune system.


The third reason to go to the pool at an early age is to strengthen immunity. Do not think that the warm water of our pool and warm air do not help to temper the body in any way.


In addition, swimming strengthens the health of the child with the help of stress on the muscles, cardiovascular system. The general tone of the body increases, endurance increases, movements improve, the nervous system strengthens. Sleep becomes stronger, appetite improves. Regular activities promote the growth and strengthening of bone tissue. All this affects the number of diseases suffered per year. Go swimming regularly and get less sick.


  1. Swimming affects brain development.


Human skin is the largest sensory organ. What is a sensor system? This is a complex system consisting of the sensory organs, the path and the cortical area of ​ ​ the brain, in which the information received from the sensory organs is processed.


Skin is a sensory organ. More than through the skin, we will not receive a volume of information from any organ. Swimming in the pool, the child receives a tremendous amount of information, only from the fact that he is in contact with the environment. The air is significantly less dense than water and the effect in water on the child's body is lower. It senses minimal currents, bubbles, contact with an object under water, with noise in the ears when diving, etc. This is the formation of nerve tissues and an indispensable factor in the development of the brain. Not the set of information in the text and pictures that you get reading a developing book or encyclopedia, but obtaining pure experience through signals to the brain.


Swimming increases lung volume. This promotes blood flow to the brain. This affects not only the physical condition and health, but also the psyche of the child. Swimming helps the brain enrich itself with oxygen, "reboot," get new powers. And during elementary school, this helps the child cope with the load.


  1. Swimming struggles with stress.

Life without stress is impossible. But in order to cope with it, you need to help the psyche. Timely rest, breathing exercises, proper nutrition. Vitamins, walks in the fresh air. The child himself cannot organize all this. Therefore, the parent needs to learn before school to help the child cope with experiences and stress.


Swimming can help. In addition to the fact that swimming fights stress at the physical level (sugar regulation, oxygen saturation, endrophin production), it also helps at the mental level. Swimming through body control in the water helps to feel control over the situation in life, it is calming. Self-esteem increases, even small positive results in training affect self-confidence. Swimming distracts from negative thoughts, helps stabilize the internal state.

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